Manchester hosts resource to enable all involved in selection of assistive technology for personal care


clos-o-mat new showroomA new resource to enable all involved in selection of assistive technology for personal care has opened its doors.


Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s leading supplier of disabled toilet solutions, is behind the new showroom in Manchester. It brings together in one location all the equipment needed to deliver optimum independence for people who need the help of a carer to toilet. Uniquely, it encompasses not only domestic situations, but the technology needed to create assisted, accessible- or Changing Places- toilets and hygiene rooms.


And it further includes fully-working models, so people can ‘try before they buy’.


The equipment displays are reinforced with storyboards depicting the 50+ year history of Clos-o-Mat, its product evolution, and the customer journey. Meeting and presentation facilities ensure the venue delivers at all levels of education too, including CPD seminars on accessible toileting in domestic and ‘away from home’ environments.


“We go to the toilet on average eight times a day, so personal hygiene has a big impact on daily life,” explains marketing manager Robin Tuffley. “The showroom unifies the essence of Clos-o-Mat. It enables everyone involved in the selection process to see and experience at first-hand not just the equipment, but our heritage, and our offering. They are therefore as best equipped as possible to make a judgement on their purchase, and achieve optimum independence in personal hygiene. It also gives us a great resource to provide training for specifiers and service providers.”


Clos-o-Mat was the first British supplier of wash/dry toilets, introducing the concept into the UK over half a century ago; it is now the biggest supplier, with in excess of 50,000 units installed and its latest evolution, the Palma Vita.


The company has expanded its range to now provide all toileting support technology- hoists, changing benches, toilet lifts, and to offer the most comprehensive support services available in-house, from design compliance through to after-sales service & maintenance.


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