Care Workers Charity makes a positive difference to lives of care workers!


care worker-care industry newsThe Care Workers Charity Making a Positive Difference to the lives of everyday care working heroes!


There are nearly 2 million care workers in the UK, contributing to one of Britain’s largest workforces, and caring for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Early starts, long hours, mentally draining work; it’s all part of the job. But add an injury, illness or other unforeseen circumstance and all but too easily things can take their toll, and push beyond financial limits.


The good people of the care sector make a massive contribution to peoples everyday lives and it’s our dream that one day we will be able to help everyone who needs it, supporting The Care Workers Charity is a great opportunity to unite behind a worthwhile cause that people can identify with and feel passionate about.


We are contacted by care workers almost on a daily basis seeking support where no one else is available to them and we are able to signpost them to opportunities and where we can provide direct financial assistance. We can’t list all those we help but here’s a recent story of where we helped to make a positive difference … lots more on the website…


In the Autumn of last year we were contacted by Clare Gibbs in need of help and support for her daughter Georgie Gibbs who had been diagnosed with Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. Clare having worked in social care found herself in need of help and support; something that completely took her by surprise. We were able to raise much needed awareness and funds which now mean that little Georgie is taking her first steps towards independent walking.

Clare Gibbs said;

“My work with the Care Workers Charity has taken place over many years, as a HR Manager for Shaw Healthcare, I have directed employees to this charity in their time of need, also, personally, raising money through various challenges both at home and at work.


However, I never expected the shoe to be on the other foot, and it be the Care Workers Charity time to help us with our daughters future challenges.


For us as a family, the charities continued help and guidance has been invaluable, their support for us and so many other worthwhile causes has been amazing.


No one would have imagined that you would fall on hard times, and need to ask for help, but when you do, to have someone’s hand like The Care Workers Charity, to reach out and tell you that you don’t have to face it alone, is simply unforgettable.


Thank you Asif and the Care Workers Charity for you very kind support to the Help Georgie campaign”.

There are far more applicants for our support than our funds allow at the moment and it is our wish to ensure that we can on behalf of the social care sector provide the safety net for our own.


The charity relies heavily on support from organisations, volunteers and budding fundraisers, and is forever looking for fresh faces to get involved.


So if you fancy having fun and meeting great people, all in the name of a worthwhile cause get in touch with Martin on 0845 601 9055 or email


As a vulnerable workforce, when life takes a turn for the worse, The Care Workers’ Charity can provide the support needed to weather the storm.






Be recognised as being at the fore of supporting care workers and join our “Roll of Honour” and receive recognition for you and your organisation alongside the best of the best.


Motivate employees


Engaging employees to promote The Care Workers Charity helps create a sense of belonging and camaraderie for all staff, within the organisation and as part of the care sector as a whole. Supporting a charity that directly helps employees or customers demonstrates a commitment to the workforce and the sector they operate in. There’s lots of fun to be had raising funds for the charity, whilst improving internal communication and raising your organisations profile.


New opportunities


An affiliation with The Care Workers Charity can help increase sales, build customer loyalty and retain or recruit staff. Initiating fundraising activity, making a corporate donation, or becoming a Corporate Partner, will give your organisation access to a new and captive audience, positive promotion, enhanced PR opportunities, increased brand exposure and profile-raising.


Support for your staff


Organisations within the care sector have a truly dedicated and professional workforce, and you can be there to support your staff by signposting employees and customers to The Care Workers Charity website if they are experiencing financial difficulty and need support.


Give more for less


Payroll Giving is a flexible scheme which allows your employees to give regularly and on a tax free basis to the charities and good causes of their choice. How good would it be for everyone within the care sector to support each other in this way, should a person ever need it?


Support your own


A simple donation from your organisation would go directly to those facing financial hardship in the care sector. Donate now, and you could be the one providing support when they need it most.


One of the many benefits of working alongside The Care Workers Charity is that we are a national charity whose work touches everyone at some point in their lives, including individual care workers, care providers, carers or service users and care sector suppliers.


To find out more about the charity, help fundraise or enquire about how we can help you please visit our website Email us at


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