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british-soldiersDeveloping mental health services for veterans in England


The NHS provides 12 mental health services across England specifically for veterans. They enable specialist staff to care for veterans with mental health needs, direct them to the most appropriate service and give them effective treatment.


The services started in 2010 after publication of Fighting Fit: a mental health plan for servicemen and veterans, a report by former Surgeon-Commander, Dr Andrew Murrison MP. The report identified where we needed to give extra support to veterans. See here for a list of the 12 services.

Why are we engaging

The contracts for most of these services are due to end in September 2016, and so this gives us an opportunity to ask what you think of them.

What you say will help us build on the strengths of our current mental health services for veterans and develop our future services.

Who we want to hear from

The NHS wants to hear from anyone who has opinions to offer, and particularly from:

  • people who have served in the armed forces (whether as a reservist or regular) and have used or are currently using NHS veterans’ mental health services
  • family members and carers
  • staff and organisations that are providing mental health care, treatment and support for veterans and their families.

We would also like to hear from veterans with mental health difficulties who have not sought or received support and treatment.

We really value your input and encourage you to give us your thoughts and experiences by filling in this questionnaire. It should only take you about 10 minutes to complete.

The period of time we are asking about

Most of our questionnaire is about NHS veterans’ mental health services from August 2010 to the present day. However, if you would like to give feedback on your experience of these services before August 2010, we would find that really helpful too. You will be given the opportunity within the questionnaire to do so.

About the words ‘veteran’ and ‘reservist’ 

  • We use ‘veteran’ to mean anyone who has been a serving member of the British armed forces for a day or more. It means the same as ‘ex-service personnel’. For consistency, we use only ‘veteran’ in the questionnaire.
  • For the purposes of the questionnaire, when we say ‘veteran’ or when we talk about armed forces’ experiences, this includes reservists as well as regulars.

Do you need help?

If you are a veteran and you are experiencing mental health difficulties, please see here to find out where you can get help and support.

Read our engagement document Engagement document.

Please download a Nepalese version of the questionnaire.

Completed questionnaires can be sent back to us as shown below. If you would like to be sent a hard copy questionnaire to complete or would like to share your views, but don’t want to fill in a questionnaire, please contact us:


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