Care provider Mentaur CEO awarded Northampton ‘Business Person of the Year’


Mentaur CEO Isabel Santos Melo was recognised as the “Business Person of the Year” at the Northamptonshire Business Excellence Awards gala in December. This was the prestigious 25th anniversary of the award, launched to acknowledge business leaders who have achieved outstanding success in running their business, while exhibiting creativity and exceptional leadership qualities.

This is the latest in a long line of awards conferred on Isabel and Mentaur.

During her earlier years in direct nursing care, Isabel was given important responsibilities allowing her to gain a unique experience and understanding of the difficulties faced by people living with a disability. Isabel’s vision for giving the most vulnerable people in our society greater freedom and independence reached fruition in 1988 when Isabel co-founded Mentaur, a Northamptonshire based specialist care provider, dedicated to offering a personalised, choice driven service.

As a free thinker and an able administrator, Isabel has succeeded in creating a versatile group of domestic-sized care facilities, all built on the principles of family, dignity and independence. In 2007, Isabel co-founded Mentaur Community Support Ltd (MCS) to provide greater individualised solutions in housing and community integration for people with disabilities. Mentaur and MCS now form The Mentaur Group, an innovative care provider offering a diverse range of services, each tailored to an individual’s own needs.

When news reached Isabel of her win at the Northamptonshire Business Excellence Awards, she was overwhelmed and said: “Quite honestly I was not expecting to win, and I am incredibly privileged to be recognised as the “Business Person of the Year” by the Northamptonshire Business Excellence Awards. However, this award also hugely recognises the tireless efforts of the entire team at Mentaur, who strive to provide path-breaking solutions for our people. My colleagues at Mentaur have supported me every step of the way and their hard work and creativity has been a key player in our success, making us the caring and growing business that we are today. Speaking for myself, my commitment to the care sector and remains undiluted. Mentaur will continue to grow, offering specialist and personalised care services to more people than ever before. I’m looking forward to developing what we have and charting new territory in the years ahead!”

2016 promises to be an exciting year at Mentaur, with plans for further innovation and growth already in motion. Most significantly, Savanna, Mentaur’s newest care home and most ambitious project to date will be opening its doors. Savanna will offer a modern and open plan space for people with learning disabilities, mental health problems, autism and other associated needs. Again to quote Isabel, “…the development of Savanna is a further testament to the extent our business has developed over the last few years. I am delighted that our specialist and personalised services will be available to more people than ever before. The name Savanna reflects openness, mirroring both the style of this new and modern home and our core values as an organisation….”


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