Care Council for Wales launches Caring with Pride campaign


Elderly in hospital-care industry newsThe Care Council for Wales has launched a new campaign and workbook to support its new Code of Professional Practice for Social Care.

The campaign encourages social care workers across Wales, whether registered or not, to Care with Pride by completing an online workbook and short knowledge test designed to support and enhance their knowledge of the Code and to ensure that they implement it in their daily work

The new Code of Professional Practice for Social Care was launched in Wales in July 2015 and sets out the standards that all Social Care workers should achieve.

By providing clear guidance, practical advice and examples, the free-of-charge Caring with Pride workbook and supporting online Learning Zone aim to help and encourage workers to uphold these standards in all aspects of their work.

Gerry Evans, director of standards and regulation at the Care Council, said: “We believe that social care workers provide an invaluable service and we want all of our care sector workers to be confident and up to date with the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care.

“The Caring with Pride campaign will provide workers with practical advice and guidance on how the Code should guide and influence their daily work.

“It is important to give social care workers access to this information and to provide support that readily available.

“The workbook can be accessed on our online Learning Zone, which makes it accessible to all care workers and employers throughout Wales.”

Workers can test their knowledge against a set of ten questions. If successful, they will receive a personalised digital certificate to show they have understood the principles of the Code and are Caring with Pride.

The Care Council for Wales is also providing social care sector employers with a useful resource pack to help raise awareness of the Code within their own workplaces.  It also gives ongoing access to further free of charge online training for employees.

To support the Caring with Pride campaign, the social care sector workforce should visit



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