Whitby care home is rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission

Peregrine House in Whitby
Peregrine House in Whitby

Whitby care home is rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission has rated Peregrine House in Whitby, North Yorkshire, as Outstanding following an unannounced inspection in October.

Peregrine House is a care home which provides personal care for up to thirty six people who have dementia related conditions in addition to physical care needs.  The care home has been rated Outstanding in all five key questions.  

A full report of the inspection has been published at: http://www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-110387047  People told inspectors they felt safe and emotionally supported by the staff and management.

Certain staff were appointed to be champions in key areas to anticipate and adapt the service to people’s changing needs, also to ensure risks to people were well managed and identify, research and source best practice and training needs.  There was a strong focus on person centred care and supporting people to have a good quality of life with minimal restrictions as possible,  supported by an experienced and robust management that performed consistently well, and received recognised awards.

Debbie Westhead, Deputy Chief Inspector for Adult Social Care in the North, said:

“We observed warm, caring, kind interactions throughout our inspection, and many people spoke positively about the care being provided and were very happy. Everyone at Peregrine House should feel proud of the work they do.

“We saw many examples where the care was delivered in a thoughtful and respectful way which met with people’s needs. People consistently told us that, when they raised ideas or suggestions to staff, they were supported so that this could happen.

“It is clear that people are at the heart of the service’s values and they strived to ensure people are provided emotional as well physical care, and to help them enjoy their lives with little restriction. It is for this and many other reasons why the service has received the highest rating we can give.”


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