Cambridgeshire care home staff undergo specialist tracheostomy training


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Following a recent admission of a gentleman with a permanent tracheostomy, the whole clinical team at a Cambridgeshire care home underwent specialist training with further clinical expertise being brought to the home by staff from nearby Addenbrokes Hospital in Cambridge.

A tracheostomy is the making of a hole in the trachea (windpipe) through which a tube can be passed. This artificial airway permits the person to breathe through the tube. The most common reason for performing a tracheostomy is to bypass an upper airway obstruction.  The placement of a tracheostomy tube can be temporary or permanent dependent on the clinical indication.  

Care Home residents with tracheostomies often require specialist care from nursing home staff.  The registered nurses at Cherry Hinton Care Home near Cambridge recently updated their training in care of residents with a tracheostomy  to include;

  • Care of the skin around the tracheostomy site.
  • Changing and cleaning the inner tracheostomy tube when required.  Cleaning may be required 3-4 times a day.
  • Changing the tracheostomy tube holder during daily cleaning.
  • Suctioning the tracheostomy airway of excess secretions.
  • Changing the tracheostomy tube when required or prescribed by a doctor.

Helping residents to maintain humidification of their tracheostomy and to avoid environments which may compromise the tracheostomy such as environments that are dusty or excessively dry or cold.

In addition the care staff staff were trained in specific resuscitation techniques for residents with a tracheostomy should an emergency occur.

Among the many other potential residents we are able to welcome, we can also now extend a very warm welcome to any potential residents requiring tracheostomy care either on a short or long term basis – one of the few homes in the Cambridge area who can do that.



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