The secret of a long life is to do nothing out of the ordinary says 105 year-old Pat


2015-12-18 PatAThe last of the hatters Patricia Wood is looking forward to a cracking time as she prepares to celebrate her 105th birthday on December 27.

The former hat worker with the world famous Woodrow Hats on Lowfield Road in Stockport is also a life long Stockport County fan and the life and soul of the community in Borough Care’s Shepley House Home in Hazel Grove.

Bright as a button and still partial to a drop of brandy, the fashion conscious former hat worker and interior designer, said: “The secret of a long life is to do nothing out of the ordinary. I just lived an ordinary life and loved every minute. I still do.”

With a daughter and granddaughter, Patricia who was born and bred in Stockport and came to the home aged 101 after living in Offerton, added: “I loved working for Woodrows though during the war I was transferred to an ammunition factory.”

She added: “I never smoked, well not much, but I did like a drink and you can still force a brandy on me.”

Pat, who first name is Martha, a name she has never really taken to, is the apple of everyone’s eve at Shepley House. Care worker Hazel Carberry, who is also pictured, said: “She is simply lovely. I run an exercise class called Oomph and Pat is up with every move and still singing away at the end.”

Fellow Borough Care care worker Sue Tomlinson added: “She has such a wonderful sense of humour, is always laughing but is never afraid to tell you if she is not happy. She knows what she wants and as her carers that is good, because we want to know what is the very best for her too. It goes without saying that it is a privilege to care for her, we all feel that way about Pat.”

Shepley House Care Manager Lesley Ridgway said: “She came to us aged 101 from Stepping Hill Hospital after she had had a fall and when I went to collect her, she had already arranged for everyone else in the ward to come too.”

Pat added: “Coming to this home has been one of the highlights of my life, I love it here and I enjoy every day.”

Lesley added: “She is very fashion conscious. When the woman who comes to do our residents’ nails arrived last week, Pat chose quite a vivid green, because she told me “it was what the teenagers are wearing today’. Well you just can’t beat that, and though we did suggest perhaps a pale pink, she was adamant she wanted the green. She has had them done pink for Christmas now.”

A keen hockey player, she also loved to watch her husband and brother play golf and was a regular at Edgeley Park, “I used to go all the time,” she said, “it was a lovely club.”  



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