Cleanliness issues for millions of older people- and their carers- could be enhanced, by simply changing the loo…


clos-o-mat palma spray aCleanliness issues for millions of older people- and their carers- could be enhanced, by simply changing the loo…


Research by Age UK* highlights that incontinence- urinary and faecal- affects almost four million people aged over 65, and more than half of our care home residents. That raises issues of cleanliness, odours, and skin health.



“Our bladders and bowels move on average eight times a day, so incontinence is a big issue, especially when you consider the numbers of people it affects,” explains Robin Tuffley, marketing manager at Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s leading provider of dignified toilet solutions for elderly and disabled people. “Changing a conventional WC to a wash and dry toilet at least ensures the sufferer is properly clean after an incident, and clean, and dried, to a consistent standard, and with reduced effort.


“It also spares the user, carers, care workers from hygiene risks from faecal or urinary cross-contamination and potential associated health costs. And because the user is properly, consistently clean, there is reduced likelihood of residue soiling replacement clothing, thus reducing laundry bills!”


clos-o-mat bonaerClos-o-Mat’s Palma Vita is the brand-leading wash & dry toilet. It looks like- and can be used as- a conventional WC, but has the added benefit of in-built douching and drying. For the full douching and drying, after toileting, the user remains seated and pushes the flush mechanism; simultaneous flushing and warm water douching is followed by warm air drying.


A range of accessories, from touch-free operating mechanisms to bariatric support systems, minimises, or even negates, the user’s need for carer help, restoring control, dignity, independence and well-being. Thus anyone who may otherwise need the help of a carer to go to the toilet can do so with minimal, or no, assistance, whilst being assured of being consistently cleaned to a high standard every time.


Clos-o-Mat introduced its first automatic/ wash and dry shower toilet to the UK 50 years ago; in excess of 40,000 of the toilets have since been sold- some of which are still in daily use 30+ years after first being installed. The family-owned company is unique in offering, in-house, comprehensive design advice, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service & maintenance, giving users complete peace of mind.


The range of Clos-o-Mat products is detailed on the company’s website, so users and their Occupational Therapists can easily see the solutions, watch a video on how the unit works, and find out how other users have benefitted.


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