Changing Perceptions- Pressalit Care Plus range selected by Blackwood Homes & Care


pressalit-care industry newsDelivering the highest standards of accessibility through advanced design and technology led Blackwood Homes and Care to the Pressalit Care bathroom PLUS range for its new Concept House.


The Concept House is how Blackwood Homes and Care sees the future of housing and care, having been providing high quality care and support across Scotland to people with a wide range of care needs for over forty years.


According to Blackwood Homes and Care, their Concept House is a demonstration of how to deliver the highest standards of accessibility with smart technology to ensure people with a disability or mobility issue can live as independently as possible in a beautiful, affordable supported home.


They therefore turned to Pressalit Care knowing of its reputation as a leader in accessible bathroom design.


Colleen Robertson, Marketing Manager at Blackwood Homes and Care says, “The Pressalit Care range fits perfectly in the Concept House as the modern designs are practical, customisable and a far cry from the clinical looking adaptations of the past. The bathrooms in particular come in bright modern colours with contemporary lines and change the perception of an adapted house.


“Simply put, these are homes that you want to live in.”


The Pressalit Care PLUS track system sets new standards in accessible bathroom design. Combining flexibility with functionality, the unique system of vertical and horizontal tracks offers new and improved height and horizontal adjustment enabling the layout of the bathroom to be future proofed against both the long term changing needs of individual users, as well as the multiple needs of different users.


With soft, rounded edges and a choice of new, bold colours such as the lime green selected by Blackwood Homes and Care, the ergonomically designed Pressalit Care PLUS system features a wall-mounted track which allows easy movement of individual bathroom elements such as wash basin, shower seat and support arms. The horizontal track makes it possible to move these elements along the wall, making space for wheelchair access, while the vertical track enables simple height adjustment.


Design and function go hand in hand in the PLUS system. Several elements can be fitted safely onto the track such as basin, shower seat, toilet support arms and back rests as well as useful shelving and storage units.  Combined with other elements in the system, including grab rails, toilet seats, back rests, curtain rails and folding seats, the result is a comfortable and usable bathroom that offers long term value.


Dr Margaret Blackwood, who founded Blackwood Homes and Care in 1972, was regarded as a pioneer in helping people live as independently as possible in a safe, adaptable home. This legacy aspires the company today to be a leader in innovative housing and care helping people live their lives to the full.


This philosophy is one shared by Pressalit Care,” comments Andrew Lowndes, UK Sales Manager for Pressalit Care. “It seems fitting therefore that Blackwood Homes and Care selected the Pressalit Care PLUS range for its new Concept House. We are delighted to be a part of this project to help change often widely held perceptions of accessible living.”


Pressalit Care has been designing bathrooms and kitchens for over forty years where practicality and flexibility are pre-requisites.


More information and stockists for Pressalit Care’s range, visit or email


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