Care England Responds to MAC review of nurses on the Shortage Occupation List


Care England-care industry newsCare England Responds to MAC review of nurses on the Shortage Occupation List



On the day that the Home Affairs Committee’s publishes its fifth session report on Immigration and Skills shortages, which supports keeping nurses on the Shortage Occupation List, Care England has responded to the Migration Advisory Committee’s call for evidence.


Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England says:


“We have submitted information to the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) for their review of nurses on the Shortage Occupation List. Our information includes a survey representing a significant portion – 15%  – of the social care sector, 100% of whom say it is extremely difficult to recruit nurses. It also includes six case studies representing 25,000 residents and around 500 care homes, all of which detail the extreme difficulties they face recruiting and retaining nurses.”


Martin continued:


“Our evidence demonstrates the great lengths that (care) providers must undertake to recruit nurses. Care providers offer career progression for nurses, benefits and flexibilities, competitive pay, and undertake regular and expensive European and RLMT recruitment. Nonetheless, all of the providers profiled in our evidence are forced to rely on costly, and poorer quality, agency staffing to mitigate the current shortage. Some nursing homes simply cannot open due to a lack of nurses, and providers are waiting up to 2 years to fill vacancies.


Our evidence to the MAC proves the shortage of nurses in the UK today, and the pressing need to keep nurses on the Shortage Occupation List beyond February 2016.”


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