Voluntary Organisations Disability Group “enormously disappointed” with CQC


VODG-care industry newsThe leading body that represents not for profit disability organisations, Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG), today responds to CQC’s proposals to levy additional charges on providers.


People are using care services at a time of unprecedented austerity. Over the last five years funding reductions have totaled £4.6 billion, with directors of adult social services estimating a £4.3 billion funding gap in adult social care by the end of the decade[1].


The sustained downward pressure on funding is placing negative effects on service delivery and quality. CQC put these observations on record last month with the publication of the State of Care[2]. Despite this, CQC has today issued proposals to significantly increase its fees for adult social care providers.


Professor Rhidian Hughes, chief executive of VODG said:


“We are enormously disappointed with CQC’s whole approach to fees. CQC has become an increasingly high cost organisation, and just last year the regulator raised fees by a staggering 9%. At that time CQC’s approach clearly lacked robust strategy, financial planning or any sensible business case. CQC seem further intent on progressing their flawed approach and, more worryingly, adding to the £4.3 billion funding gap in the sector”. 


He goes on to say:


“CQC’s announcement comes at a time when people who use services and providers are struggling with year on year cuts to disability provision. Just like the rest of us working in the sector, CQC needs to live within their means”.




[1] Local Government Association and Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (2014) Adult social care funding: 2014 state of the nation report. Accessed: www.local.gov.uk/documents/10180/5854661/Adult+social+care+funding+2014+state+of+the+nation+report/e32866fa-d512-4e77-9961-8861d2d93238

[2] Care Quality Commission (CQC) The state of health care and adult social care in England 2014/15. Accessed: http://www.cqc.org.uk/content/state-care-201415


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