Lilian Faithfull Homes Removes Uniforms from all Care Homes


LFH Staff new styleCheltenham care home charity Lilian Faithfull Homes has removed all uniforms and tunics from all its facilities, replacing them with colourful polo shirts and smart trousers.

Director of Care, Suzanne Booker, commented;  “When we are caring for people in our homes we want the residents to feel at ease, relaxed and not as if they are in an institution or in hospital.

“Moreover, when we take residents out on trips or appointments, they are part of the community, again not feeling institutionalised.

“We still have a dress code that ensures we look professional, smart and of course takes full account of infection control, but the colourful shirts stand out and give the homes a more relaxed homely feel for the residents.

“Our facilities are not just care homes – they are residents’ homes, our care home managers say that minimal clinical influence is best wherever possible.

“This has been a considerable change in our policy, but we’re not afraid of trying new ideas at Lilian Faithfull Homes, feedback has been positive from both residents and families.”


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