Lifting quality of complex needs care


clos-o-mat woodleighShort break and respite care for people with complex needs is being lifted to new heights.


Catalyst Choices, a social enterprise company created by staff formerly at Warrington Borough Council, has, in partnership with the Council, extended and refurbished its Woodleigh residential care home to provide bespoke short breaks and residential care for people with learning difficulties. A key element of the new facility is a fully accessible bathroom- complete with a Clos-o-Mat Lima Lift height adjustable wash/dry toilet.


“We wanted the bathroom, in line with the service we provide at Woodleigh, to be as good as it could possibly be; our ethos is providing personalised care and support we would be proud to give our own familiies,” explained Catalyst Choices managing director David Osborne. “We already had a Clos-o-Mat toilet at our day centre in Gorse Covert, and wanted its benefits at Woodleigh.


“The Clos-o-Mat compliments the other assistive technology we are incorporating in the accessible bathroom to achieve optimum intimate personal care and cleanliness. The bathroom further includes a height adjustable bath, changing bed, and a ceiling track hoist- the latter operates not only in the bathroom but throughout, helping our carers move clients safely round the bathroom, and throughout, into bedrooms.”


Clos-o-Mat wash/dry toilets have in-built douching and drying, so there is no need to wipe clean- or be wiped clean- after toileting; the whole process is automatic, and triggered simply by remaining seated and triggering the flush process. The Lima Lift offers this with automatic height adjustability, so the toilet can be lowered and raised to suit individual user needs, either helping them get on and off the toilet, or being set at a suitable, comfortable height.


Clos-o-Mats, manufactured in the UK, are the leading brand of wash/dry toilet, with almost 50,000 now installed in domestic and commercial environments across the country- there are even several on a tall ship! The company behind them, Total Hygiene, was founded over 50 years ago, and is Britain’s leading provider of toilet solutions for disabled and elderly people. It is also unique in its ability to offer, in-house, design advice, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service & maintenance.



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