Hanover’s innovative programme improves lighting levels for residents


pic 4With the clocks going back and darker evenings shortly upon us Hanover Housing Association has embarked on an estate improvements programme set to improve residentshealth and well-being by improving communal lighting and reducing carbon emissions at 322 properties in Hanover’s South region.


The planned works programme, which was rolled out across Surrey, Hampshire and  Berkshire, involved replacing all of the light fittings with LED motion sensor lighting and installing attractive and contemporary wall lighting in the communal corridors, meeting rooms and residents’ lounges.


Most light fittings have a five-year warranty and a ten-year life expectancy, which means that the organisation will also have significantly reduced maintenance costs over the next few years.


Adrian Green, Technical Manager South Region at Hanover, said: ‘The benefits of the new lighting are twofold. Firstly, the new lighting will improve lux levels which means that residents will have clearer and softer lighting which will enable them to read books, eat meals or use laptops. Secondly, the energy efficiency aspect enables Hanover to reduce its carbon footprint and help reduce  up to 15 % of the electricity element of residents service charges.



One of the first estates to benefit from new lighting was The Pines Extra Care estate in Slough. 70-year-old Ann Jenkins said: “I am really pleased with the new lighting, the corridors and on-site restaurant are a lot brighter.


‘Also, the new wall lamps in the activity room are perfect for playing cards or having a game of trivial pursuits.’



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