Glen Care repositions itself in specialist care with name change to Bramley Health

Bradley Phillips, commercial director at Glen Care
Bradley Phillips, commercial director at Glen Care

Specialist care provider Glen Care is undergoing a change of name and brand to be re-named Bramley Health.


The rationale behind the rebrand is to reposition the company in the sector to concentrate on high quality specialist services in London and the South East of England backed up by plans to grow and develop the business.


Bramley Health has taken a strategic decision to move away from low secure forensic services into developing further residential community-based, and non-secure services, into which the company is making a considerable investment.


Bramley Health will focus on three core service lines; NDS (Neurocognitive disorder service, FCE (Female complex service) and LD (learning disabilities).


Bradley Phillips, commercial director at Bramley Health, said:  “Bramley Health is the new name for Glen Care to reinforce the business’ reconfiguration to meet the needs of commissioners.

“We are embarking on an exciting new stage in the company’s development that will be achieved in collaboration with service users, families, staff, commissioners and other stakeholders.

“Bramley Health has a great level of expertise and highly skilled clinicians, and this reconfiguration will put the company in a very strong position going forward.

“Bramley Health provides a cost-effective, all in one service than can offer the right intervention to the right person.  The team of highly-skilled clinicians that specialise in this area of challenging behaviour and complex needs aims to maximise service user’s progress by utilising outcome measurements and milestones and dynamically adapting interventions that work for individual service users.

“The sector is evolving and it is important that providers can move forward and react to the needs of service users and commissioners who demand safe, caring and cost-effective services.

“Time and resource has been invested in the Neurocognitive Disorders Service, Complex Female Services and the Complex Learning Disability to provide the specialist, community-based services demanded by commissioners.”


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