‘Fantastic’ Personal Care


clos-o-mat liz farrelly's looA positive mental attitude is helping one Multiple Sclerosis sufferer adapt to her changing needs- to the extent where even her toilet is ‘fantastic’.


Liz Farrelly, 46, from Paisley, was officially diagnosed with primary progressive MS a decade ago. Her independence has deteriorated over time, but the unique ability of her toilet- a Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita- to be adapted to her changing needs has meant that she can at least still undertake her personal toilet care with as little help as possible.


Looking like, and capable of being used as a conventional WC, the Palma Vita has in-built douching and drying. So there is no need to wipe, or be wiped, clean afterwards, and the user is effectively and hygienically washed and dried to a consistent standard. A range of accessories, which can be fitted at the outset or afterwards, enable the toilet to be tailored to individual needs.


“My Occupational Therapist suggested the Clos-o-Mat back in 2009, as he felt it would give me more independence, as I was still on my feet then,” explained Liz. “It has been absolutely fantastic.


“We’ve been able to been adapt it to cope with my needs as they change. Now, I can’t use my legs, and I have a catheter. A hoist enables my carers to transfer me to the toilet, the Clos-o-Mat’s integrated arms help me balance on the loo on my own, a touch sensitive switch means I can operate it with my feet, and the horse-shoe seat and spray help me properly position myself to deal with my catheter. I feel clean and safe.


“Life’s too short, you have to look at the good in the world: as a little girl said to me the other day, I still have the freedom to see and do so many things, including eat ice cream! And with the Clos-o-Mat I can go to the loo on my own. I’m a lucky lady.”


The Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita is Britain’s top-selling wash and dry toilet, and the only one that has a raft of accessories to enable personalisation to individual needs, at the outset, and as their needs change over time. Over 150,000 permutations exist. Clos-o-Mat is also unique in being manufactured in Britain, and supported by in-house design advice, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service & maintenance.


Details of all the options, plus further case studies from real-life users, can be found on Clos-o-Mat’s website www.clos-o-mat.com.



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