Best value in personal care provision can be achieved in part by heading to the toilet


clos-o-mat marilyn carr's palmaBest value in personal care provision can be achieved in part by heading to the toilet…..


If they need help, going to the bathroom is one of the most fraught daily activities for anyone with a disability, be they child or adult. It also places high demand on carers, because of lifting and handling considerations. Yet it is something we all do, on average eight times a day.


Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s top supplier of disabled toileting solutions, maintains care providers can attain better value in many cases by looking at the evolution of a person’s needs, and basing judgements and selection of assistive technology on ‘lifetime evolution’ of the user’s needs.


Clos-o-Mat’s Palma Vita wash & dry toilet is the only unit of its kind that can be adapted with a range of accessories after initial installation. Over 150,000 permutations exist. Thus the toilet can evolve with the user’s changing needs, and reduce or negate the need for care provision.


“Often, decisions are based on what the specifier thinks is right, on what is immediately in front of them. What the user needs may be something quite different, now and in the long term. Over time, the user’s needs change, as they grow, age or their condition deteriorates. To do a home adaptation, then have to completely change it in a couple of years time is costly financially and psychologically,” warns Mark Sadler, Clos-o-Mar sales director. “Yet a little thought in selection of equipment might, in the future, require only tiny adjustments that cost pennies in comparison, and minimise physical and emotional disruption for the user.”


clos-o-mat marilyn carrPensioner Marilyn Carr who was born with no arms is a prime example: she originally had a Clos-o-Mat without any accessories, so she could go to the toilet without carer assistance. She has developed bowel issues, meaning she is spending longer sat on the toilet, and so sometimes leans back whilst sat. To avoid the toilet’s flushing, douching and drying mechanism being triggered, her local authority, at her request on the advice of Clos-o-Mat’s service engineer, has added a soft-touch operating switch to her Palma Vita.


“I don’t know how I would cope without my Clos-o-Mat,” she says.


The Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita wash and dry toilet looks like- and can be used as- a conventional WC, with the added benefit of in-built douching and drying. Appropriate specification of accessories minimises, or even negates, the user’s need for carer help, restoring dignity, independence and well-being. Thus anyone who may otherwise need the help of a carer to go to the toilet can do so with minimal, or no, assistance, whilst being assured of being consistently cleaned to a high standard every time.


The range of Clos-o-Mat accessories is detailed on the company’s website, so users and their Occupational Therapists can easily see the solutions, watch a video on how the unit works, and find out how other users have benefitted.



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