Audley Retirement Villages CEO comments on Age UK, ‘No one should have no one’ report


Audley Villages-care industry newsNick Sanderson, CEO, Audley Retirement Villages:

“Today’s report from Age UK highlights how serious loneliness can be. While it’s important these issues are addressed, our attention should be focused on prevention rather than cure. Recent research by the ILC has already identified that residential housing with flexible care provision (extra care) can have a huge impact in promoting owners’ quality of life and reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation. With the average person in a retirement village experiencing half the amount of loneliness than those in the community.


“Currently, the Government simply isn’t doing enough to promote these types of developments. Retirement properties currently make-up just 1% of the UK housing stock[1]. House builders and Government alike remain obsessed with first time buyers while ignoring over 55s. It won’t be until we shift our focus to the older generation that real progress can be made.”

[1] Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC)


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