The Social Care Commitment – Improving public confidence in social care


SocialCareCommitment_MAINLogo_FULL_COLOUR_RGB The Social Care Commitment is two years old. Since its launch, 3,000 social care employers have signed the sector’s promise to deliver high quality social care.

Of those 3,000 employers, many are reporting that the commitment is helping them raise their CQC ratings and induct new care staff. 85% of signed up employers surveyed said they have already seen, or expect to see, an increase in the quality of care they provide, whilst 83% have said it has led, or will lead, to improvements in staff training and development.




SFC_116It is free to sign up to and easy to use.

So why wouldn’t you sign up?

That is the question posed by many who have already made their commitment and have seen the results it can induce.

Oxfordshire County Council signed the Social Care Commitment because of its links to CQC and the KLOES, as well as its potential to improve the delivery of social care to those who need support.

SfC_1“We’ve done this because we think that by making the commitment and delivering on the tasks that are part of this, social care employers will help put in place good foundations for workforce development, which will over time help to increase the workforce capacity and capability. Also, looking at the tasks and commitments within the SCC, we should be rather worried if social care employers cannot say yes to what is asked of them.”

Haroon Rashid Sheik, CEO of CareTech UK, says that not signing the commitment says a lot about an organisation.

“What have you got to lose? There is no reason not to sign up. Signing the commitment publically displays your SFC_99organisation is committed to the delivery of quality care provision and providing the best service possible for your customers. What does not signing up say about your organisation? The commitment doesn’t say you have to have it right all the time, but it does say your organisation and your staff care about getting it right and are committed to recruiting the right people for the job.”

The Social Care Commitment was developed by the sector and is a promise by social care employers and employees to deliver high quality services. Through seven ‘I will…’ statements and associated tasks, each commitment focuses on the minimum standards required when working in care. It aims to increase public 010412confidence in the care sector and raise workforce quality in adult social care.

For more information about the Social Care Commitment or to sign up, please visit


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