The Avalon Group celebrates national Shared Lives week as new report shows benefits of innovative home based care


Shared Lives FamilyThe Avalon Group celebrates national Shared Lives week as new report shows benefits of innovative home based care

A new report due to be launched in the House of Commons this week, backed by NHS Chief Simon Stevens, is set to show how an innovative form of care in the North of England is helping to transform lives by keeping people healthy, providing effective home from hospital care, and preventing avoidable trips to Accident and Emergency Departments.

The Shared Lives scheme, managed by charity The Avalon Group, is one of 150 schemes across the UK supporting Shared Lives carers to share their home and family life with adults who need support. Throughout October and November, The Avalon Group will be searching for their 500th carer, making this scheme one of the largest in the country.

“A Shared Life is a Healthier Life” shows how Shared Lives has helped participants reduce dependency on community nursing services, stop taking unnecessary epilepsy medication, and one gentleman who previously had monthly avoidable trips to hospital has not needed to attend A&E since moving in to Shared Lives.

Three quarters surveyed had received positive feedback from an NHS professional about the difference Shared Lives had made to the health of the person they support, and 87% reported positive impacts on mental health

Larry Hollando, CEO of The Avalon Group said

“This report is further evidence of the fantastic alternative to care which Shared Lives offers. We see every day the difference made to hundreds of vulnerable adults being supported in a safe, family environment which allows them to thrive.

We hope this new information reinforces and raises further awareness of Shared Lives so that it continues to grow across the UK, allowing more employment opportunities for carers and importantly, the best quality care for vulnerable adults in our communities.”

In addition to the launch of the report, Shared Lives carers in Doncaster will be promoting #AllAboutTheMatch – a celebration of the matching process unique to Shared Lives, where Shared Lives carers and people who choose Shared Lives as a care option will be matched for compatibility, interests and experiences before moving in together.


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