Bupa remains committed to the care home sector amid market speculation


Bupa logo-care industry newsAccording to the Financial Times 200 Bupa care homes are being prepared for sale.

However according to a Bupa spokesperson, ‘this is market speculation and Bupa remains committed to the care home sector’’

Earlier this month the Sunday Times reported that Bupa had hired KPMG to sell its domiciliary care division.

Bupa Home Healthcare currently delivers homecare to approximately 30,000. This service ranges from nursing care to medication delivery.

Speaking at the LaingBuission Private Healthcare Conference in September, Bupa UK’s Alex Perry highlighted that despite the warning signs, the sector has collectively failed to fix its systemic problems and continues to stagnate. Talking about how the sector is slowly building to a crisis, he made clear that sustainable growth is still possible but only if the whole sector works together to drive better value and experience for customers.

Alex Perry, General Manager, Bupa UK Customer said*: “We need to find a way forward where we can support the NHS more in meeting the UK’s healthcare needs and challenges. We can only really do this by working together: insurers and hospital providers, and consultants and therapists – to deliver better value, a better experience and a better deal for the sector overall. “Without doubt the number one thing we need to tackle is affordability. Year after year healthcare inflation has gone up faster than general inflation and disposable income. This is not the route to long-term sustainability. We speak to many people every day who call us and would dearly love to buy PMI but then don’t because it is too expensive.  “As funders in this system, we recognise we have a specific role to play to contain costs. 78% say that they expect us to manage the costs of their care on their behalf and to negotiate the best prices with hospitals and consultants.

This week HealthInvestor reported the Knight Frank had been appointed to run the auction process of the 200 care homes.

Bupa’s spokesperson refused to confirm this and once again commented that it was market speculation



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