Bradford Care Association threatens legal action as local authority pays ‘well below’ local rates

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Konrad Czajka Managing Director of Czajka Care Group and Chairman of Bradford Care Association

Bradford Care Association Chairman and Managing Director of Czajka Care Group Konrad Czajka whose company Czajka Care Group owns nursing homes in the Bradford area has spoken out about local authority payments to home care firms.

Konrad Czajka said “Some home care businesses that look after the elderly in their own homes are already being driven out of the care sector due to low rates being paid by Bradford Council.”

The Bradford Care Association which represents 18 domiciliary businesses working in the Bradford area is calling for the council to reconsider the rate or it will apply for a judicial review in the courts.

The care association claims the £13-an-hour rate is so low it risks the collapse of the market.

Mr Czajka said “I believe the association is the first in the UK to take legal action against a local authority”

Adding “I can’t think of any other examples where home care providers have got together in this way and said ‘we have got to do something about this because we won’t be here next year unless we get some kind of response’” and that while it was an issue faced nationally, Bradford’s rate was “well below” what other Yorkshire authorities paid.

From October 1, Bradford Council increased the hourly price it paid private firms from £12.50 to £13.

However, representatives from the social care industry have argued the rate should be higher.

The UKCA recommends a minimum rate of £15.74 per hour, which it says would give firms a three per cent profit margin.

A Bradford Council spokesman confirmed it had received a letter from the association’s solicitors and “will be responding to it in accordance with the court protocol”.


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