Scottish care at home company expands


StephenNatalyTop-accredited care at home company Social Care Alba have opened their second office in Edinburgh’s Tollcross area, following exponential growth over the past five years.

The company has continually received top billing from the Care Inspectorate and expect to expand their staff numbers by 75 over the next few years. They include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, an HR manager and IT team as well as office administrators and PAs.

Director of Social Care Alba, Stephen Wilson said: “With the expansion of our Edinburgh team we are investing in a second office aimed at meeting our growing staff and clients’ needs.  A centrally located, modern and accessible office in the city’s Semple Street provides us with a dedicated space to meet with clients, family members and health care professionals.

“Due to nation-wide cut backs it’s a difficult time for anyone to be working within the health and social care field. However we truly believe that continued investment in our Edinburgh operation will secure jobs for our staff and high-quality care for service users in the city.”

Social Care Alba have other long-term altruistic investment interests in Edinburgh, having initiated a research collaboration with Napier University’s IT team to look at the future provision of care at home services in the city.

Meanwhile Wilson – who was himself a former team manager with the Care Commission (now the Care Inspectorate) – attributes the growth of his company during trying economic times, to the fact they offer many specialisms when it comes to home care.

He explained: “At Social Care Alba we operate a different model of health and social care to other companies. This involves offering specialists who are able to support service users in their own homes for particular issues e.g. a physiotherapist for mobility difficulties, an occupational therapist for stroke and mild dementia conditions and a social worker for, amongst other things, accessing services and community assistance.

“This in turns means people are not only more comfortable and relaxed because they are being support at home, but it also helps the NHS by cutting down on the number of hospital admissions.”

Other ways Social Care Alba differs from traditional care at home companies is in keeping in touch with relatives after their family member has passed away. Wilson explained this was a time when relatives often needed them most and to cut ties at that point seemed cruel.

“Often our staff will bake a cake and pop round for a chat to the families of someone who has lost someone,” he said. “Generally we just make sure that the service user’s partner and family are coping ok.”


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