Hoisting improvements in people’s mobility

clos-o-mat hoist
clos-o-mat hoist

Over ¼million people either cannot move around their home, or rely on being carried.


Their independence and mobility could be enhanced, and their and their carer’s safety improved, by utilising a new resource. Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s leading provider of disabled toileting solutions, has added ceiling track hoists to its portfolio.


“For people with mobility issues, the most common problem is getting to and from their bed to a chair or the bathroom,” explains Kelvin Grimes, Clos-o-Mat’s hoist specialist. “And lifting them places huge strain on their carers.


“Going to the toilet is one of the most dangerous activities we undertake at home. People handling is the most common cause of injury to health and social care staff, with over 500 injuries to employees each year, Transfer from a wheelchair to toilet was rated as the most stressful task undertaken by care workers. Installing an overhead hoist reduces the risk to a minimum.”



Under its new offering, Clos-o-Mat not only supplies the ceiling track hoist systems, but can provide comprehensive support, including installation, service and maintenance. “The after-sales is vital,” elaborates Kelvin. “With any assistive technology, the user’s quality of life depends on it working. We already have experience in providing, and looking afetr hoists, in out of home environments- through school hygiene rooms and Changing Places assisted disabled toilets; that expertise is now available in the domestic sector.”


Full details of Clos-o-Mat raft of ceiling track hoist solutions and support services are available from its national team of sales managers, or online @ http://www.clos-o-mat.com/, under the accessible bathrooms button


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