Compound found in certain foods could impact Alzheimer’s disease biomarker


Alzheimers Society-care industry newsResveratrol, a naturally occurring compound found in foods such as red grapes, raspberries, dark chocolate and some red wines, impacts an Alzheimer’s disease biomarker, suggests a study published online today (11 September) in Neurology.

This is the largest nationwide clinical trial to study high-dose resveratrol long-term in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr Doug Brown, Director of Research at Alzheimer’s Society, said: “While this is an interesting study, it did not investigate whether resveratrol has any effect on memory or improving other symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Before we can say this has potential as a treatment option we need to see larger and longer trials in people that specifically look at whether it can improve the lives of those with the condition.

“It is important to highlight that the level of resveratrol used in this study was far higher than what is found naturally in foods. People who enjoy a glass of red wine or bit of dark chocolate now and again should not take it to mean that they should be increasing their intake of these foods to try and treat Alzheimer’s or reduce dementia risk.

“What we do know is that studies have consistently shown that a combination of following a healthy, balanced diet, exercising regularly and not smoking are the best ways to reduce your risk of dementia.”


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