Alzheimer’s Society welcomes tighter regulation of charities


Alzheimers Society-care industry newsSir Stuart Etherington’s review, published today calls for a new regulatory body to set standards for fundraising good practice. The review also recommends the creation of a new Fundraising Preference Service’ for the public to opt out of fundraising communications.

Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive at Alzheimer’s Society said: “Alzheimer’s Society welcomes Sir Stuart Etherington’s Commission review for tighter regulation of charities, to protect vulnerable people in society, including those with dementia. We strongly support the call for better training. As part of our commitment to leading the way in good practice and supporting others to do so, we have created an interactive telephone fundraising training package to ensure telephone fundraisers recognise vulnerability and handle contact with individuals in a way that is sensitive to their individual needs.

“Charities rely on the generous donations of people to carry out their good work and it is vital that we take action to ensure public trust. Charities must now work together to ensure we protect the most vulnerable.”



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