A happy workforce delivers outstanding care


At Quinyx we are passionate about helping you create a happy workforce whilst achieving the best care for your residents or clients/service users.

We know that operating within the Health and Social Care sector is challenging, competitive and complex.

And that your employees are vitally important to the outstanding care that must be provided every day.

This is why we have created a powerful system that drives the business benefits you need without compromising the ease of use for your care staff.

Quinyx workforce management is modern, relevant and user friendly.

And on average 80% of users log in to Quinyx every single day to check their schedules, apply for shifts, request leave and communicate with fellow employees.

In addition, our customers are achieving a 9% reduction in employee turnover, 50% reduction on administration costs, 7% reduction in payroll costs and managers experiencing a 20% increase in doing what they do best, caring.

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Importantly, Quinyx is 100% cloud based and mobile friendly, enabling you and your care teams access at anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

Your next steps:

View this 1-minute video and ask yourself these questions http://www.quinyx.com/en/

Try our on-line ROI calculator http://www.quinyx.com/en/

Interested in features and benefits?  http://www.quinyx.com/en/product/

Health and Social Care on our website http://www.quinyx.com/en/product/healthcare/

Or…contact the Quinyx Health and Social Care Team

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 Call us: UK +44 7486 17 97 55



Email us: mark.parris@quinyx.com


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Visit us at St James House, 13 Kensington Square, London W8 5HD


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