Enthusiastic helper shares reasons for volunteering


LyndaLynda Davis, a volunteer at Edward Moore House Residential Home, has worked many varied jobs but for her, nothing makes her as happy as volunteering.


“I’ve worked in the city, I’ve done the 9-5 but I am happier now. I think people can run themselves into the ground; you need to think about yourself and do something for you. For me, that was volunteering.”


Lynda, who worked at the residential home in Trinity Road, Gravesend for a year prior to taking on a volunteer role, works two days a week at a nursery and spends the rest of her time getting involved with charitable work.


“I volunteer with Equal Earth, the Gravesham Arts and Gravesham Arts Consortium as well as Abbeyfield Kent. I don’t like sitting around at home, I like to fill my days and use my time wisely.”


Before joining the Society, Lynda worked in care for 20 years, starting out as a housekeeper and then taking on voluntary roles with disabled children.


“I have always wanted to care for people. I left my job at Edward Moore House due to health reasons, as well as a little voice that was telling me I needed a change. But despite wanting new challenges, I didn’t want to lose touch with the residents and staff here, so I signed up as a volunteer.


“I used to visit each Tuesday but now I come in when I can. I always get such a warm welcome and I love to see the residents and staff. Sometimes we do art and crafts, sometimes we just chat. I’ve been on a hand massage course so I’m sure the residents would like that too.”


Lynda thinks that if they are able to, more people should volunteer, as there is so much to learn.


“I know I am lucky to have the free time to give but I think if people can, they should volunteer. I love meeting new people and learning new skills, it’s nice being asked to help out with things and it’s just such a wonderful feeling to do something for someone, wanting nothing in return.”


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