NHS Confederation fully supports the Health Foundation and King’s Fund report about a Transformation Fund


NHS Confederation-Care Industry NewsResponding to a report on transformation funding entitled Making change possible: A Transformation Fund for the NHS by the think-tanks the Health Foundation and The King’s Fund, Dr Johnny Marshall, director of policy at the NHS Confederation, said:


“The NHS Confederation fully supports today’s report which calls for a national dedicated fund to drive forward essential changes to the way health and care services are delivered. We’ve been arguing for some time for greater resources in transformation to cover the double-running that is often essential for change to be effective. Too often investment has been allocated under the assumption that new services will automatically replace the current model and deliver benefits immediately.


“Our members firmly believe transformation funding will need to be clear and spent in an accountable way to ensure the money set aside really does transform services, rather than being spent on business as usual. This report includes examples of where transformation funding has been successfully implemented and so offers a robust evidence base to work from.


“We also welcome the suggestion to use funding to unlock savings in the NHS estate. We look forward to exploring this further with our members and agree there is value in looking at how to get the most out of NHS properties. To be able to do this, our members though will need a supportive environment which aligns national functions and behaviours with the challenge of redesigning local services.”



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