Edinburgh-based carer saves patients life


Shaw healthcare Awards-Care Industry News (300 x 156)A care support worker from Edinburgh has been praised by emergency services for her ‘quick-thinking’ after saving the life of an elderly service user.


Julie Anderson, 60, a care support worker at Shaw Community Living in Edinburgh, performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on 80-year-old Donald Mutch after discovering he was struggling to breathe and choking on his lunch.


Alerted by Mr Mutch’s wife, Anna, Mrs Anderson leapt into action by administering standard procedure of the Heimlich manoeuvre, followed by physically removing the food from Mr Mutch’s mouth after he collapsed from a lack of oxygen.


Mrs Anderson then performed routine CPR she had learnt from attending first-aid training courses run by Shaw healthcare.


The ambulance crew commended Julie for her rapid reaction and calm approach to delivering CPR in an emergency situation.


Fiona Motion, daughter of Mr and Mrs Mutch, said: “Words cannot express how grateful I am to Julie. If it wasn’t for her, Dad wouldn’t be here today.”


Since the incident, Mrs Anderson has been nominated for the Inspirational Carer Award through Shaw healthcare’s annual Shaw Star Awards. The award recognises individuals who do everything they can to improve service users’ quality of life.


Mrs Anderson said: “I am delighted to have been recognised by my colleagues at Shaw with the Inspirational Carer Award nomination; but I’m more pleased to have been able to help Mr Mutch and his wife that afternoon.


“I’m very thankful for the first aid training course I attended through Shaw; otherwise I may not have been able to assist them as effectively as I did. Luckily I was able to help before the paramedics arrived.”


Mrs Anderson has been a care support worker for more than ten years prior to caring for various service users at Shaw, including Mr and Ms Mutch.


Michael Donovan, operations manager at Shaw healthcare, said: “Julie’s admirable actions have demonstrated how dedication, care and level-headedness can save a person’s life.


“We regularly provide refresher first-aid training for carers like Julie to help them make informed decisions about providing care in emergency situations like this, but the situation still required quick-thinking and calmness, which Julie demonstrated in abundance in helping save Mr Mutch’s life.


“Our annual Star Awards seek to recognise the individuals across all of Shaw healthcare’s services who have demonstrated excellence in their day-to-day work during the course of the year. These individuals are people who inspire others and deliver beyond expectations, something which Julie does every day.” Shaw healthcare is one of the UK’s leading health and social care providers. It provides care to individuals in nursing and residential homes, hospitals, supported living arrangements, extra care schemes and domiciliary care settings.


Its services range from comprehensive care packages through to low level support in the community for older people and adults with physical, sensory or mental health support needs.


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