Chief Executive appointed to the Care England Board

Dr Alison Rose-Quirie
Dr Alison Rose-Quirie

Dr Alison Rose-Quirie, the Chief Executive of Swanton Care and Community, has been appointed to the Board of Care England, where she will represent Swanton as well as the Care England Learning Disability Group.


Prior to taking up the role of Chief Executive at Swanton, Dr Rose-Quirie gained extensive experience in the field of social care. She has held senior positions at leading organisations in the sector, including Mental Health Inspection Chair at the Care Quality Commission, Chair of the Independent Mental Health Sector Alliance, and Care UK, where she lead the mental health division for 5 years. Dr Rose-Quirie began her career working in and managing prisons and immigration centres, before moving into secure mental health within the Priory Group.


Founded in 2006, Swanton is a national provider of care for people with learning disabilities and complex needs, with services in England, Wales and Scotland. Swanton’s organisational focus is to enable and empower service users to maximise their independence and to achieve their own goals and outcomes. Swanton provides a range of different support solutions, including registered care homes, care homes with nursing and community based supported living, and domiciliary care.


Care England is the main trade association for independent care providers, and recently published a report outlining the association’s positive vision for the future of the social care sector, entitled: Sustainability, Innovation and Empowerment: A Five Year Vision for the Independent Social Care Sector.


Dr Rose-Quirie commented:


I am delighted to be taking up a position on the Care England Board, and look forward to representing the Learning Disability Group.


At Swanton Care and Community, our focus is on delivering the highest quality of service for end users. As a part of the Care England Board I will work to ensure that the voices of people with learning disabilities are represented at the highest level, and that service users are supported to play an active role in helping to drive up the quality of care.


As Care England’s Five Year Vision has highlighted, the health and social care sector faces critical challenges, but the next five years also present opportunities. I intend to support Care England in taking a leading role in guiding the sector, so that people with learning disabilities are put at the heart of their services across the country, and equally at the heart of policy making in Westminster.



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