Care England calls for funding to support Living Wage society

Liz Kendal Labour leadership contender
Liz Kendal Labour leadership contender

Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall has pledged a ‘Living Wage society’.

Her pledge, if she were to become Labour leader, and then Prime Minister, is to extend the legal remit of the Low Pay Commission to include working “with employers, unions and civil society to identify practical, non-statutory ways to move wages towards the living wage, sector by sector”.

Professor Martin Green at Care England said:

‘We fully support Liz Kendall’s drive to ensure that care workers are paid the Living Wage. The complex duties that care workers perform combined with the immense compassion and dedication that they demonstrate on a daily basis means that there is no question that they deserve to be paid at least a Living Wage.

However, we face an inescapable reality in which the fees that providers are paid by local authorities have consistently fallen in recent years – a trend that is set to continue in years to come. With the cost of regulation increasing and the Low Pay Commission already noting that along with childcare, social care has the highest labour cost to turnover ratio in the country, many providers are in a position in which they simply cannot afford to pay the Living Wage’.

Martin continued:

‘In order to achieve her aspiration, Liz Kendall must commit a future government to find the estimated £2 billion necessary to enable providers to move towards the Living Wage. A detailed explanation as to why she should do this can be found in our Five Year Vision published earlier today’


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