Alzheimer’s Society comments on Healthwatch report warning of the dangers of poor hospital discharge


Alzheimers Society-care industry newsHealthwatch England have today launched a report revealing the human and financial impact of getting the discharge process from hospital wrong.

‘Safely Home: What happens when people leave hospitals and care settings?’ – collates 3,230 stories and pieces of evidence from 101 local Healthwatch from across the country. The report highlights five key problems, including poor communication and coordination between services and people not being involved in planning their discharge.

The report also finds good practice in the discharge process exists when everyone takes responsibility for ensuring people get home safely – preventing unnecessary distress and saving the tax payer millions.

George McNamara, Head of Policy at Alzheimer’s Society said:

‘One in four hospital beds are occupied by people with dementia. Hospitals need to become dementia friendly and guarantee hospital staff have the appropriate level of training to care for people with the condition.

A recurring and overarching need is for health and social care to be better integrated to enable quality care and support. Too often people with dementia remain in hospital far longer than others who have gone in for the same procedure and deteriorate to the point where they are discharged to a care home, rather than returning to their home.’



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