New Toilet Helps Socialising


clo-o-mat reading mencap emailPeople with learning disabilities have greater opportunity to enjoy as full and active a life as possible- thanks to a new toilet!


Two years of fund-raising by Reading Mencap has enabled the charity to have an assisted, accessible toilet installed at its base in the town centre, where it offers a ‘one stop shop’ for support services, plus daytime and evening clubs and social events.


With more space than a conventional wheelchair-accessible toilet, the facility also has as standard an adult-sized changing bench and hoist, to accommodate the needs of people who need the help of a carer to undertake personal hygiene. Reading mencap has chosen to enhance its assisted, accessible toilet by using a Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita automatic wash and dry unit in place of a standard WC. Looking like a conventional toilet, the Clos-o-Mat has in-built washing and drying facilities , which deliver consistency quality of cleanliness without the need for user or carer to manually wipe with toilet tissue.


“Sadly, a number of teenagers and adults with complex learning disabilities have been unable previously to enjoy our activities because they need these full toilet and personal hygiene facilities,” elaborates Reading Mencap trustee Ralph Godbold. “Often this has meant they have limited options for socialising and enjoying the benefits our clubs are designed to offer, and their carers/ parents are denied the respite available when their charges are in our hands. The new toilet means there are now suitable facilities for our members so they can stay longer and make the most of our services and events; we have a number of individuals who will now be able to attend our functions, where previously they couldn’t because of their need for these specialist toilet facilities.


“We worked closely with Clos-o-Mat on the installation, as the company has huge experience in the supply and install of assisted, accessible toilets in all guises. We wanted the best we could afford. Also, in our experience, users are beginning to expect a Clos-o-Mat in such facilities rather than a traditional WC.”


Clos-o-Mat is unique in being able to offer, in-house, design advice, supply, install, commissioning and ongoing service/maintenance, backed up by in-house project management of a Changing Places toilet or hygiene room. Clos-o-Mat has used its expertise in the field to produce a white paper on Changing Places toilet provision in general, and specifically the healthcare sector, both of which are available for download on its website


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  1. It’s so true, you will notice a huge difference for people with learning disabilities. Not only will they have a greater opportunity to enjoy as full and active a life as possible, but also ensuring they are comfortable makes a significant difference.

  2. Very interesting post,

    The importance of having the right the bathroom facilities for people with disabilities is crucial and more establishments need to install these facilities.


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