Huge problems ahead for care after dire warning of further spending cuts


A regional social care leader has warned of huge problems ahead in the care of older and vulnerable adults after a dire warning of spending cuts to come. This week ADASS, which represents local authority social services across the country, warned that a further £1.1bn was to be cut from council budgets in the year ahead. And coming on top of £4.6bn in cuts since 2010-11, they warn that the cuts will have a huge impact on social care. Mike Padgham, Chair of the Independent Care Group (York and North Yorkshire) said: “This is a truly alarming statistic and a frightening realisation of what we have been warning would happen for some years. “At last there is an acknowledgement from ADASS that the starvation of funding for adult social care cannot go on and, just as importantly, that councils can no longer squeeze providers to make the necessary savings. “Further cuts this year of £1.1bn, on top of £4.6bn in cuts since 2010-11, will have a devastating effect on the care we are able to give. “As a society, we have to find a way to properly pay for the care of older and vulnerable people and to strive to pay those providing that wonderful service a proper wage. “It is excellent that Ray James and ADASS have put their heads above the parapet to say ‘enough is enough’. For the sake of the vulnerable people who rely on these services, we can only hope the warnings are heeded.” Mr Padgham also warned that the government had to act urgently to tackle the issue of recruiting nursing staff, as both NHS care and adult social care struggle to recruit enough to cope with demand. “We must invest enough into healthcare and social care to ensure that we can recruit, train and retain sufficient nursing and care staff to look after our increasingly ageing population,” he added.


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