Fusion is the choice for Greenwood Care

Martin Jones and Mike Reynolds
Martin Jones and Mike Reynolds

Fusion Care Solutions based in Garforth near Leeds has recently secured a contract with Greenwood Care Ltd to install their time saving software management system easily operable by administrators in all three care homes.

Mike Reynolds who with his wife Karen own Greenwood Care were looking for a system that would save him time and bring common administration across all three sites; with homes in Bingley, Liversedge and Rawdon they needed a software system that could be operated from anywhere and would give better control as well as removing the need for spread sheets thereby reducing the number of hours Mike and the care group’s administrators were spending on previous systems, which were different in each home.

Fusion is an easy to operate internet based Care Management Software system developed for specific use in the Care Sector.

Prior to installation Fusion Care Solutions worked closely with Greenwood Care. A pre-questionnaire ensured the software was tailored to the needs of management. Clear communication and constant updates meant that when the software was activated it would be a simple task to train everyone to use it.

Fusion was installed quickly with one days training and the system was in use the following day. This meant very little interruption to staff day to day duties.

The key requirements for Mike Reynolds and his team were;

  • Ease of use.
  • A user friendly product particularly for those used to recording information by hand.
  • Simple, quick training.
  • Control.
  • CQC friendly.
  • Transparent for CQC inspections.
  • Identify problems, set reminders and supply audits if requested.
  • Cloud based
  • Good support if needed.

Mike Reynolds said; ‘We are currently in negotiations to acquire another care home. This means we must be fully automated as far as a software management system is concerned.

‘A major reason to employ Fusion Care Solutions was their intention to bolt on a ‘Care Planning System’ which would be as easily operated. This will enable us to put our software system under ‘one roof’.

Mike Reynolds previously qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Anderson & Co, spent most of his working career in industry. More recently he was employed by Cape Plc. a multinational service provider to the energy industries as Group Finance Director.

Cape Plc. employs over 10,000 people in more than 25 countries worldwide. Mike was involved in large system implementation (SAP)

‘Fusion Care Solutions have worked with me throughout the decision. They’ve been on call constantly and have provided me with the sort of service that ensures a long term working relationship.’

Martin Jones Managing Director of Fusion Care Solutions said;

“I know Mike and Karen looked closely at our competition before making the decision to go with Fusion. Given Mikes extensive financial and accountancy background the Greenwood Care order is a ringing endorsement of the Fusion Care Management System.”

Mike and Karen Reynolds have transformed the homes they own by replacing aging fixtures, fittings and equipment with modern up to date replacements as well as engaging staff in their caring vision, making their homes comfortable, compliant and a good place live, thus providing the highest standards of care and value.




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