Jeremy Hunt reappointed as Secretary of State for Health

Jeremy Hunt reappointed
Jeremy Hunt reappointed as Secretary of State for Health

Following Jeremy Hunt’s retention of his South West Surrey seat in the general election last week and the subsequent cabinet reshuffle David Cameron has just confirmed Jeremy Hunt’s reappointment as the Secretary of State for Health.

NHS Confederation Chief Executive Rob Webster commented:

“I would like to congratulate Jeremy Hunt on his reappointment and I look forward to continuing to work with him as we tackle the biggest challenges in the NHS for a generation. His reappointment provides stability in political leadership – something that can only help our members.

“The political will to support the implementation of the Five Year Forward View, the financial support for the NHS and the consequential changes in the way in which care is delivered will be high on the agenda.”

Janet Morrison, Chief Executive at Independent Age, said: 


“We welcome the reappointment of Jeremy Hunt as Secretary of State for Health. As he is only too well aware, older people are the greatest users of the NHS and by 2020, 19% of the population will be over 65. The Health Secretary needs urgently to address the root causes of problems, such as the winter A and E crisis. This will not be easily achieved within a tight spending framework, even allowing for the additional £8 billion of health spending promised by the Conservative party manifesto. Continued integration of health and social care may help deliver some of the demanded £22 billion savings from the NHS budget assumed by its five year plan, but the Health Secretary will need to immediately address the fundamental question of what to do if – as seems likely – the savings expected of the NHS are not achievable.  Such a situation will require re-examination of more radical options, such as those proposed by the Barker Commission.”




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