Talks in York over threat to social care funding

Mike Padgam- Independent Care Group

A social care provider organisation is to hold talks with City of York Council over a rumoured cut to its funding.

The council is said to be considering cutting the money it gives to the Independent Care Group (ICG) after supporting it for more than a quarter of a century.

The ICG has urged the council to re-think and hold consultations with the ICG before deciding. It has warned that any changes are bound to have an impact on the delivery of social care in the York area.

ICG Chair Mike Padgham said: “It is extremely disappointing that City of York Council is rumoured to be considering a cut to our funding, changing such a long and productive relationship between the ICG and City of York Council.

“It comes at a time of crisis for adult social care when it is vital that the council, NHS and local providers work more closely together, rather than less, to ensure local, vulnerable people get the care and support they need.

“For more than 25 years the ICG has been the vital link between the local authority and dozens of care providers who provide vital care for thousands of people in the city and surrounding area.

“That has included working closely with the council to ensure the care needs of York’s population are met, representing providers in negotiations and discussions with the authority, over care fees, for example, and speaking for providers on various boards and organisations, alongside the council.

“We have created an excellent working relationship and mutually beneficial lines of communication that benefit the council, the people it is responsible for sourcing care for and social care providers in the area.

“If this funding is cut, that relationship and the undoubted benefits it has brought, will be damaged and the care of older and vulnerable people in the area will inevitably be the worse for it. It will ultimately prove more costly, rather than less for the council.

“Given the vital role that partnership plays in the delivery of care in the area, we would urge the local authority to pause and hold consultations with us.”

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Mike Padgam- Independent Care Group


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