Survey of UK Care homes suggests personalised resident care is failing at the hands of outdated procedures  

Survey of hundreds of UK Care homes suggests personalised resident care is failing at the hands of outdated procedures

An independent survey* of UK care homes, commissioned by catering management technology firm Zupa, has revealed that the delivery of personalised resident care is failing at the hands of time-wasting admin and outdated procedures. More than half (56%) of care home workers have admitted that the quality of care is suffering in their care home due to lack of time and resource. A further half (50%) of care home staff say they don’t have the time to be creative with resident social events, even though such activities are believed to help reduce feelings of isolation and improve memory recall and social skills.

With many care homes facing staff shortages, 42% say that individual care planning is also being overlooked because staff simply don’t have enough hours in their working day to complete all of their admin duties. A further two thirds of care homes admitted the ability to cater properly for residents’ dietary and nutritional needs, is also being affected because of out of date processes. A quarter (25%) of care home staff blamed heavy admin workload on a lack of resource, and another 22% said they regularly forget to update paperwork because of this.

The survey, which polled hundreds of care home workers and managers across the UK, also found that despite these challenges, 80% of staff want to improve care for residents who are suffering as a result of outdated procedures which slow them down and stop them focusing on the most important aspects of their role. But staff say their admin duties must be drastically reduced to make this happen.

Ollie Brand, CEO at catering management technology firm Zupa, commented, “Having the time to organise regular social activities for residents is essential for their happiness and mental wellbeing; and the more creative these can be, the better. Just as with individual care and meal planning,  these kinds of activities are pivotal to delivering more personalised care with a human touch.”

Lack of staffing and resource also continues to be a top concern for the sector, with 67% of care workers highlighting this as a problem. A further 21% also said that outdated technology in their care home also slows them down.

“Finding more hours in the day to improve quality of personalised care is a clear objective for care homes right now, and with continued challenges around staff retention and recruitment, freeing up time for care workers must be the key priority. Giving staff more time back in their day to focus less on admin and more on what is important and what they came into care to do, will help to alleviate many of the pressures faced. Adoption of the right technology to automate certain processes, including in the kitchen, is the most logical place to start,” added Brand.

*Survey independently conducted by Censuswide Ltd. between 6-11 May 2022 and commissioned by Zupa Ltd. Surveying 330 care home professionals including 100 care home managers across the UK and Northern Ireland. Questions were multiple choice, and in some cases respondents were asked to tick all that apply. Censuswide abides by, and employs members of the Market Research Society, which is based on the ESOMAR principles.

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Survey of hundreds of UK Care homes suggests personalised resident care is failing at the hands of outdated procedures


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