HC-One care homes in Chinese New Year festivities


In celebration of Chinese New Year, HC-One care homes across the UK held Chinese New Year parties welcoming the ‘Year of the Ox’ by taking part in a series of fun, cultural celebrations.

Colleagues at Dingle Meadow Care Home in Oldham, West Midlands, decorated the home for the occasion in luxurious colours of red and gold, as well as a variety of décor including Chinese paper lanterns, streamers, origami animals and flowers. Whilst traditional music played in the background, Residents feasted on a selection of delicious Chinese cuisine, including spring rolls, noodles, samosas and a variety of sweet treats including plenty of cakes and biscuits for dessert. Residents enjoyed sampling the dishes, along with a tipple or two of wine, before finishing the evening with some dancing.

At St Margaret’s Care Home in Crossgate, County Durham, Residents and Colleagues celebrated Chinese New Year by making beautiful Chinese lanterns which were displayed proudly in the home to celebrate the ‘Year of the Ox’.

The home’s Chef made a variety of Chinese-inspired dishes for Residents to sample. As part of their new year’s resolutions to keep active, Residents are taking part in virtual exercise programmes with fitness guru, Joe Wicks. After finishing the exercise class, Residents enjoyed crafting their beautiful Chinese lanterns.

St Margaret’s Home Manager, Katherine Swainston, said:

“It’s amazing to see how energetic some our Residents can get! Seeing all of our Residents get involved with the lantern-making was lovely. It’s great to do things that provide inclusion for everyone.”

A Resident at Swallownest Care Home, South Yorkshire enjoyed spending time crafting beautiful paper lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year. Chris Parker spent some one-to-one time with Wellbeing Coordinator, Dawn Spafford, making the beautifully patterned lanterns in time to celebrate.

Resident Chris Parker, commented:

“I’ve loved this one-to-one time and have enjoyed making the lanterns. They’re all prepared and ready to make which makes it so much easier.”

Chris and Dawn spent a lovely afternoon chatting with one another whilst they skilfully created the bright and cheery lanterns.

Swallownest’s Home Manager, Amanda Fields, said:

“Chris was very proud of his finished lanterns. Spending one-to-one time with Residents is very important and the Colleagues enjoy it as well.”

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