Perthshire care home buries Time Capsule for future generations to learn about people’s experiences during Coronavirus Crisis


A Perthshire care home has created a Time Capsule to bury in the home’s gardens for future generations to discover and learn from.


Balhousie Luncarty care home invited the local community to add to the Luncarty Community Time Capsule with their experiences of life, good and bad, during the Coronavirus Crisis. The hope is that, when discovered in many years, future generations can learn about how the community prevailed through a global pandemic.


The home has received many responses from the local community and from all ages including written experiences, drawings and even a small face mask used by a child. Each of these items have been added to the Time Capsule and were buried in the grounds of the care home by residents and Staff today, Friday June 5, 2020.


A plaque will mark the spot in the home’s grounds where the Time Capsule has been buried so that people in the future know where to find it when the time comes to re-open it.


Due to social distancing measures and Balhousie Luncarty being closed to non-essential visits, the home were unable to invite the local community to participate in the burial of the Time Capsule, but wish to thank the residents of Luncarty for their support and input.


Cheryl Banks, Operations Support Manager at Balhousie Care Group, came up with the idea of capturing people’s experiences at such a unique and challenging time in people’s lives. Cheryl said:


“When I had the idea, I got in touch with the Luncarty Community Support Group and supplied a question sheet for people locally to fill out their experiences of life at the moment and we’ve had a fantastic response. Thank you to everyone who got involved in this little piece of history.”


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