New government-backed care home complaints guide launched



The  (CTSI) announces the launch of a new complaints guidebook for the UK care homes industry.




In 2018, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) Care Homes Market Study, found that once entering into care, it is incredibly stressful for residents and their representatives to organise a move to a different care facility. The CMA also found that many residents and their representatives found it difficult to make complaints directly to care homes, and perceived the complaints processes to be unclear, complicated and confusing.




In response to this, CTSI, in collaboration with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), produced a new guide for registered managers and care homeowners. Written by industry experts, the guidebook, entitled Care Home Complaints, is a a clear and informative guide that assists care home operators in understanding consumer law and implementing a complaints process.



CTSI Chief Executive Leon Livermore said: “This new care home complaints guide is essential reading for care home managers and operators. Entering care is a critical life decision usually undertaken during an extremely vulnerable time for residents and their representatives alike, and this guide will prove to be essential for the improvement of the care home industry.



“I am proud of CTSI’s role in producing the guide, and I ask the care home industry to take notice and use this free resource. The guide will improve both your business and the experiences of your residents. Let’s build a better care home industry together, which starts by reading and implementing the advice in this guide.”




A digital copy of the guide may be found here: complaints



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