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When registered managers are busy caring for others, do they have time to care for themselves? They should, according to Edward Hopkins, Membership Lead at Skills for Care.

Registered managers are amongst the busiest people in our sector, managing competing priorities for those interested in the success of their service. Most importantly, they need to ensure the highest standard of care for the people they support. But as one manager told us: “If you don’t look after yourself, how can you be expected to look after others?”.

We know that registered managers are great at looking after other people; it’s why they work in a sector that has caring at its heart. But they’re not always as good at taking care of themselves.

That’s why, as the membership organisation supporting registered managers across England, we’re keeping their wellbeing at the top of the agenda.

Throughout January, we’re emphasising that when managers take time to concentrate on their wellbeing – whether going for a walk during the day to be active or taking a moment to write down three positives to take notice of their surroundings – then they’re more likely to feel happy, in control and have an optimistic outlook.

The evidence supports it. The New Economics Foundation tells us that when we take steps to remain active and take notice, as well as give, connect with others and continue to learn, we’re ensuring that we’re in the best possible shape to look after ourselves.

It was this evidence that shaped the development of Skills for Care’s ‘Wellbeing for registered managers – a practical survival guide’, which sets out what wellbeing is and how to measure it. The guide includes useful workbook exercises and tips across five wellbeing areas – Connect, Be active, Take notice, Keep learning and Give. It’s an accompaniment to the steps all managers need to take every day to ensure they remain focused on looking after themselves – after all, wellbeing isn’t a tick-box exercise.

To further support managers wellbeing, we run a Facebook group through membership and continue to support face-to-face manager-only Registered Manager Networks, where we encourage managers to connect in a safe space. We’ve also developed a new continuing professional development module, ‘Understanding Self-management Skills’, which focuses on managing time and building resilience.

We believe that to be a good manager; managers need to start by looking after themselves. They should begin today by remembering just how much they already give to others.


Find out more

Visit Skills for Care’s website to access the ‘Wellbeing for registered managers – a practical survival guide’. It’s available through Skills for Care’s Registered Manager Membership for only £15 during January 2020 (usually £20)


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