Tonbridge care home welcomes first nursing resident


Now providing nursing care at their care home in Tonbridge, the Barnes Lodge team were delighted to welcome their first resident on Tuesday 1st October.


Former milkman, George Brock, was the Tudeley Lane home’s first resident on its new nursing floor.


George used to work on a farm and always liked helping out his friends and family by doing odd jobs and gardening. He loves dogs and one of his most prized possessions is a painting his neighbours painted for him of his dog, ‘pet’.


Upon moving in, George’s sister, Pat Hood commented: “Oh it’s the bee’s knees here! It has taken an awful lot off my mind now that he is here, it is such a blessing.”


Gina, Deputy Manager added “We were delighted to welcome George, our first nursing resident, this week. George didn’t have much of an appetite before but now he’s here, he’s finishing his meals and really enjoying his food. I can notice such a difference in the few days since he has been here, which is always great to see.


“We are so pleased to be able to offer nursing care now, it really is great news as it will mean our residents who develop nursing needs will no longer need to move on to a nursing home, they will be able to stay with us. In addition to this, we can welcome more residents from the community, many of whom haven’t been able to choose Barnes Lodge as their home due to their needs.”


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