Quality care through quality training


Ensuring your workforce has the right skills and knowledge to deliver quality care is integral to adult social care services. Where staff aren’t properly trained, services are put at risk and those people accessing care and support services won’t receive the quality of care they’re entitled to.

Adult social care is an ever-changing landscape and it’s important for workers to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date. This can be supported through funding, on-the-job training and qualifications and learning programmes delivered by quality training providers.

Funding to support workforce development

The Workforce Development Fund (WDF) supports the provision of high-quality care and the continuing professional development (CPD) of staff across our sector, by providing a contribution towards the cost of vocational learning. It’s funded by the Department of Health and Social Care and distributed through Skills for Care. Employers can claim back money towards the cost of staff completing a broad range of adult social care qualifications and learning programmes.

Finding reputable training providers is key

Employers need help in identifying training providers who deliver high quality training in the sea of current providers. Skills for Care Endorsement is a bespoke mark of quality given to the best learning and development providers within the adult social care sector. To achieve this mark of quality, training providers must go through a comprehensive application process. It’s unique because to become endorsed training providers must be able to clearly evidence that the training delivered makes a significant difference, not only to the learner but also to the person who accesses care and support.

Our endorsed providers are extremely proud of their endorsed provider status. Hazel Lessiter, Associate Director, Acacia Training and Development, Centre of Excellence said: “We believe endorsement ensures our customers, stakeholders and staff will have full confidence in the quality of our training… We are also proud to hear that the knowledge and understanding gained by learners from our courses can have a positive impact on the lives of their clients.”

If you’re looking for endorsed provider visit www.skillsforcare.org.uk/findaprovider

Find out more

Click here to find out more about the Workforce Development Fund and how you can apply for funding.


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