L’Hermitage and Beaumont Villa creating a Dementia friendly community


Charitable organisations, relatives, students and members of the community have praised L’Hermitage and Beaumont Villa in Jersey for sharing knowledge of dementia with the community through two special events held at the care home recently, with more regular drop in café sessions to follow. The two dementia awareness events took place at the home, one aimed at helping family members of those living with dementia and the other at colleagues, students and relatives of residents.

Having not attended an event of this nature previously, one guest said “We found the dementia presentation very relevant, informative and insightful. The food presentation was also fascinating, particularly around how to stimulate the senses. The use of moulds was very clever.”

Other guests too, were exceptionally interested in the information provided, and especially enjoyed the experiential element where they discovered first hand how a person living with dementia may experience the world. On entering a darkened room with glasses and gloves guests were invited to complete everyday tasks like – tying shoe laces, completing buttons on a shirt, pairing up socks from a daily wash, and in so doing, recognising the difficulties and frustrations that everyday jobs present becoming so much more complicated and harder to complete.

Colleagues at the home are keen to continue the momentum with the chefs training and raising awareness of how those living with dementia experience the world and become a valuable support network not only for the residents living at Beaumont Villa but for relatives, carers and those in the wider community.

Attendees included those from the Parkinson’s Society, dietician students and relatives of people living in the community with dementia. All shared that they had enjoyed excellent sessions, which were extremely informative and run by great hosts.”

The event aimed to give participants an in-depth understanding about, and empathy for the psychological needs of a person with dementia and is based on Caring Homes’ in-house dementia training programme, ‘Living in My World’, which has won a prestigious Princess Royal Training Award. There were hints and tips to improve communication and a practical session to understand some of the day-to-day frustrations that affect a person living with dementia.

Michele Saunders, Caring Homes’ My World Dementia Strategy, Project Lead presented and said, “I really enjoy delivering these dementia events and with the aid of practical training it helps raise awareness, increases empathy and knowledge which is so important within the community. By educating everyone about dementia we can help empower those living with dementia every day to live a good life that has a real purpose and meaning and for me that is everything.”

Food is a big part of life at L’Hermitage and Beaumont Villa. The ‘Food in My World’ training, also accredited by City and Guilds develops the hospitality team and chefs’ skills and knowledge to stimulate senses and increase creativity in the cooking and presentation of food. This provides a much improved, dining experience for residents living with dementia and or dysphagia and the home were delighted to be joined for the event by Steve Harding, Caring Homes’ award-winning chef to share his expertise in this area.

Care Home Manager, Colette Bonner said, “We were delighted at the interest shown in finding out about dementia by the community around L’Hermitage and Beaumont Villa with 30 participants in the morning and a further 18 joining in the afternoon. Events like these enable people to learn about dementia and help them to challenge the way people think, act and talk about the condition. We have received much positive feedback
“We want to actively promote a dementia friendly community through sharing our knowledge and expertise and hope that members of the local community will take the opportunity to join us again perhaps, at one of the monthly Dementia Café evenings. These are informal and aim to both inform and support those who care for loved ones with dementia. Our Dementia Café evenings now run on the last Friday of each month with the next one being hosted at Beaumont Villa on the 27th September at 6.15pm until 7.15pm, where we will be looking at non-verbal communication and body language with light refreshments being served throughout.”

There are many types of dementia, which affect each person in individual ways, it isn’t just about memory loss. Different types of dementia can affect people in lots of other ways too, from feeling confused and having difficulty concentrating to behaving differently.

At L’Hermitage Care Centre and Beaumont Villa we understand that every resident is unique and so is the care and support they require. We are dedicated to providing dignified and respectful residential dementia and nursing dementia care. What matters most to us is the wellbeing of each of our residents, whatever their circumstances, whatever their needs.

L’Hermitage and Beaumont Villa care homes in St Peter, Jersey provide the highest standard of residential and nursing care for up to 42 elderly people in a stunning purpose-built care home and have recently been praised by The States of Jersey Inspectorate for providing friendly kind and personalised care.


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