The Royal Star & Garter Homes in Solihull, Surbiton and High Wycombe take a walk down memory lane


Residents at The Royal Star & Garter Homes have taken part in Memory Walks as part of Dementia Action Week.


Veterans from the three Homes in Solihull, Surbiton and High Wycombe took part in the event with members of staff to raise awareness of dementia, on Monday 20 May.


It is one of a string of activities taking place in the Homes to mark Dementia Action Week, an Alzheimer’s Society campaign which runs from May 20 – 26 and aims to take action to improve the lives of people living with dementia.


As ever, there will be lots of musical activities taking place in the Homes as well. Music plays an important role in our Homes, where Star & Garter Choirs involve residents, relatives and staff. There are also regular concerts and musical events and activities held each week. Music is known to make a huge difference to the lives of people living with dementia, by helping them reconnect with others. This has been highlighted on BBC One’s Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure.


At High Wycombe, residents walked through Henley-on-Thames and enjoyed afternoon snacks. During the week, there will also be music recollection activities, a tea party, and a scenic drive through Windsor. Reggie Ballos, Dementia Nurse Manager, said: “Being outdoors, feeling the sun and breeze on your face, does wonders for your well-being. That connection with nature can bring significant benefits to people living with dementia.”


In Solihull, residents living with dementia took part in a memory walk in Henley-in-Arden, and later tucked into ice cream. During the rest of the week they are taking part in a sensory reminiscence group, sing-alongs, a tea party and baking. Charlie Wilson, Activities and Volunteers Manager, said: “The walk is stimulating and really good for residents. It allows them to reminisce and connect with something familiar. Dementia Action Week is important to us because we are passionate about providing specialist dementia care.”


At Surbiton, residents were also joined by relatives for the Memory Walk in Bushy Park, which was followed by a picnic. The Home is also holding musical and other reminiscing activities during the week. Dementia Nurse Consultant Sanna Laaksonen said: “Being outside and surrounded by trees and nature brings such a calming atmosphere. Residents feel a sense of joy. It is one of the reasons our sensory gardens are so popular with residents living with dementia.”


The Royal Star & Garter Homes cares for ex-Servicemen and women and their partners living with dementia and disability.



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