Scrap-Book Circles Help Christopher Keep In Touch


A man with learning difficulties who lives at a residential service in Plymouth is enjoying easier access to family news via a new supported social network developed especially for vulnerable people wishing to stay in touch with loved ones who live far afield.


Christopher Collins of Victoria House in the city centre, a service run by award-winning care provider the Regard Group, has signed up to use “Scrapbook Circles,” a platform developed by Andrea Sifleet of IOTA Care in Plymouth as a safe platform to enable people with learning disabilities and mental health issues to share photographs and news with their families and friends.


Donna West, who leads the team at Victoria House, said: “We think Scrapbook Circles is an absolutely brilliant idea and the people we support are thoroughly enjoying using it.


“Chris and his sister, who lives a long way away in Norfolk, are having great time swapping pictures and details about what they’re getting up to in a way they weren’t able to previously.


“Each individual can have their own ‘circles’ that they can log into to upload photos and information, and they invite friends and family members to access their circle via an electronic invitation email.


“The circles, information and stories can only be accessed by those who have been invited.


“We are all very aware of the need for online safety, so we owe a big vote of thanks to Andrea and her software developer friend, Caedmon Mullin, for creating this private social network which is ideal for people whose support needs make mainstream alternatives inappropriate or unmanageable.

“The beauty of the system partly lays in the way it improves two-way communication because it brings such pleasure to the people we support when they hear from relatives and friends, who can also send pictures of themselves as well as other friends and family pets, who people have sometimes not been able to see for a long period of time.”
Donna West and her team at Victoria House and nearby Grenville House work with adults who have complex needs and high levels of vulnerability, supporting and enabling them to become more independent in their everyday life and promoting them to make decisions about their life.


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