The wellbeing of registered managers really matters


Oliver French, Project Manager at Skills for Care discusses why supporting our sector’s registered managers has never been more important.

We know that registered managers frequently demonstrate a breath taking balance of technical knowledge, problem-solving, compassion and empathy.

They’re some of the most skilled and committed professionals in our sector; excelling at looking after their services and staff. But how good are they at looking after themselves?

In a busy role, characterised by change, it’s understandable that managers can struggle to find time and space for themselves. However, time and support shouldn’t be ‘nice to haves’ – they’re essential to maintaining a caring and well-led service.

When we speak to registered managers they share how vital their links to other managers are. Two-thirds of managers surveyed in 2017 reported benefiting from sharing best practice, increased confidence and better knowledge of legislation of attending a network.

Skills for Care supports local networks for registered managers across England that provide information and guidance and where attendees share ideas and experiences.

The question of professional identity for registered managers is a key one for Skills for Care. We believe that this role should be as well recognised as other registered professions like social work, nursing and occupational therapy.

That’s why, alongside local networks, Skills for Care is the membership organisation for registered managers in England that supports the professional identity of registered managers. Our members are a rapidly growing community of dedicated managers, committed to delivering outstanding care. They receive regular, practical and relevant information through resources, newsletters and other activities.

When we surveyed over 850 registered managers in 2018 they described a role characterised by change, where keeping up-to-date is essential. So we know that getting the right, dedicated information to managers is crucial.

Our wider support offer of Good and outstanding care resources therefore focus on supporting managers, employers and services to prepare for inspection. They’re written with the support of providers rated ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to provide practical real-life examples and tips.

Registered managers fulfil a crucial role in our sector. If a service is rated Good or Outstanding against Well-led at CQC inspection, they’re more likely to be rated as Good or Outstanding overall.

With that in mind, all managers must take pride in their role and their ability to care for others, whilst remembering that to look after others to the best of their ability, they also have to look after themselves.

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